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Hi I'm Andrea, I have 16 years and I'm from Chile. my account is dedicated to artists that I love, especially: Justin Bieber. I'm 6 months ago Belieber :D not a lot about Justin, but I admire him! my first dream came true and was watch the movie 'Never Say Never' was amazing, the best movie!. My second dream is to go to his concert in Chile, definitely when you know the date makes every effort to go. And my third dream is to know him , is more complicated, even have his autograph or a picture with him, I would be SO HAPPY! but I am to go fulfill each of them:) Follow me and Follow back! and twitter: @MyIDOL_JustinB Hit Counters
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The train life #nice #cielo #cold #nitido #girl #otoño #pretty (Tomada con Instagram)
  1. The train life #nice #cielo #cold #nitido #girl #otoño #pretty (Tomada con Instagram)

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